ÜÇGE Logo 2023h


The Euroshop Tradefair adventure of ÜÇGE started in 1993 and carries on with the same perception.

We have navigated ourselves to show great dedication in paying sensitivity to the environment by conforming acts of local and global within the manufacturing activities and owned projects.

The purpose of leaving a better planet for future generations has transformed the core principles of our company, we will participate at Euroshop 2023 with a more extensive approach to all the technological developments with an insight into digital transformation in retail.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to The World’s No. 1 Retail Trade Fair along with all the sustainable and technological projects we launched so far.


A Pioneer in the Retail Industry

In light of its 47 years of deep-rooted experience with the retail industry, along with many trade shows experiences and a great innovative vision; ÜÇGE implements store projects for global brands with the mission to be an innovative and sustainable solution partner in the field of store equipment, shelving and racking systems. From brick-and-mortar to the pharmacy and drug stores, groceries, DIY and department stores, boutique retail to the sports and electronics stores; actually you see us everywhere.

In terms of the digital age we are going through and the developing digital business models in the retail industry, ÜÇGE launched smart products that are developed by its owned R&D Center, with a determination to create more value through augmentation of in-store experiences and customer expectations, increasing productivity for the staff, providing more sustainability channels and opportunities for the sector and the customers.

ÜÇGE’s Cloud Platform Supports Digital Transformation Strategies

The perfect combination of a sustainable digital business strategy and a smart physical store design focuses on developing business processes with digital transformation initiatives. The newly launched cloud platform of ÜÇGE, brings together artificial intelligence, machine learning, edge computing, further digital technology, and IT-based retail tech hardware within the shopping experience.